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SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is an Independent Technical Support Provider. We are not affiliated to any 3rd party brand unless specified.


Smart Technical Support Care For Your SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES

SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the leading companies that offer online computer support services. The company has its headquarters in CHICAGO, United States of America. We have been serving the wretched computer users across the USA and Canada for more than 10 years.

Today, we are leading in the industry with our first-class online technical support services, trusted by the users. We believe that no customer is big or small. 100% satisfaction of every customer is only matter to us.

We are serving our customers with the quality computer support and there is no doubt that we will continue to offer our customers with the advance, untiring and affordable tech support.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide our customers with advanced online tech support services within the affordable price. We understand the fact better than anyone that our lives completely depend on the computers and when they start giving trouble, the level of the frustration that people possess is acceptable. That’s the reason why we are here. We make sure that every computer problem is resolved completely and effectively.

Why Us?

There are many companies which are offering the online computer support services, but they are unable to satisfy their customers and in the end, clients bear huge loss of time and money. But, we are here to provide you the world-class services, anytime you need. We have a team of Microsoft Certified Technical Engineers and have customized all our services based upon the customers need.

We offer the best computer support services online or by email. We love to accept the challenges and our main challenge is to provide our clients 100% satisfaction computer support. We are working 24x7 to provide you excellent technical support round the clock.


SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, with the help of professional technicians, offers services for the issues which require high-end tech support. A list of our online computer support services is mentioned below:

System Support – We support your computer system by providing the complete solution for your slow computer speed, driver installation, start up issues etc.

Windows Support – Solutions for all the Windows issues like Windows updates, Windows installation, etc. are provided by our expert technical executives.

Router Support – We offer the best technical remedies for Belkin, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear router brands.

Printer Support - Troubles related to the printer paper jam, low quality printing, printer installation and many others are resolved.

Virus Removal Support – Our technicians are always ready to protect your system against dangerous viruses like Trojan, Recycler, Spyware, Malware etc.

With SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, you are not required to go to any other service provider for your different requirements. End your tech problems, give us a call at 1-888-324-5845 toll free or start a live chat to connect with our technicians instantly. We will be glad to serve you.

Our Services

SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is an Independent Technical Support Provider. We are not affiliated to any 3rd party brand unless specified.

Technical Support Services

Online Technical Support Services by SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED

Are you frustrated with constant SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES troubles? Are you not getting any solution to get over it? Well, do not need to worry until SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is here. Our certified technicians will assist you to fix all the troubles related to your computer system.

Our tech specialists provide you 24x7 high quality technical support services over the phone or chat for all the computer and its peripherals related issues. They diagnose and analyze your systems thoroughly and remove or fix all the errors. Hence, improve the performance of your computer.


SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is an Independent Technical Support Provider. We are Not affiliated to any 3rd party brand unless specified. Call Vendor For Direct Support

2 Months
Tech Support


  • 2 Months Tech Support
  • Upto 1 Computer
  • Upto 1 Printer
  • Connected Devices With Router

6 Months
Tech Support


  • 6 Months Tech Support+Software
  • Upto 2 Computers
  • Upto 2 Printers
  • Connected Devices With Router

1 Year
Tech Support


  • 1 Year Tech Support
  • Upto 3 computers
  • Upto 3 Printers
  • Connected Devices With Router

1 Year
Tech Support


  • 1 Years TechSupport+Software
  • Upto 3 computers
  • Upto 3 Printers
  • Connected Devices With Router

2 Years Tech


  • 2 Years Tech Support+Software
  • Upto 3 computers
  • Upto 3 Printers
  • Connected Devices With Router

3 Years Tech


  • 3 Years TechSupport+Software
  • Upto 4 Computers
  • Upto 4 Printers
  • Connected Devices With Router

Privacy Policy

Upholding The Privacy Of A Client Is A Pivotal Concern Here At SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. And As A Policy When Implemented On SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, It Gives A Good Understanding Of How Personal Information Is Collected, Used And Disseminated By The Organization.

At SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED , Personal Information Of Clients Is Sourced Through Sites And Applications. The Information Is Either Submitted By Users On Sites Or Is Otherwise Collected When They Furnish It While Using An Application. The Information Is Not Only Inclusive Of Names And E-Mail Addresses But Also Their Address.

Call Recording

For Internal Monitoring And Raising Up The Quality Of Services, SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Reserves The Right To Record Calls. However, Respecting The Wishes Of Clients, We At SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Give Them The Right To Either Disconnect A Call Being Recorded Or Otherwise Asking The Organization To Not Record The Call At All.

Usage Clauses Pertaining To Personal Information

The Personal Information Collected By SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Is Used To Improve A Client’s Overall Experience With The Services. The Same Information Also Ends Up Going A Long Way Towards:

  • Improving A Client’s Overall Experience Not Only With The Sites But With The Overall Applications
  • For Not Only Providing A Proper Response To Comments And Questions But Also Ensuring A Flawless Customer Experience
  • Using The Same Information For Sending Clients Information Related To Their Accounts, Services, Confirmations, Invoices, Technical Notices, Updates, Security Alerts, Support And Administrative Messages
  • For Sending Information About New Promotions, Products And Services Offered By SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED
  • Conducting An Analysis To Gauge The Relative Success Or Failure Of Promotions

Refund Policy

Once Subscribed With SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED™ We Give You Guarantee That All The Work Will Be Done On Your Computer As Promised If In Any Case We Will Not Be Able To Resolve The Issues And You Are Not Satisfied With The Services We Will Refund Your Whole Amount. In Case Your Computer Is Fixed And You Don’t Want To Continue The Services Then Partial Refund Will Be Provided To You Minimum One Time Fixing Charge Will Be Deducted For The Charge.

We Will Not Be Liable For Any Refund In Case You Provide Access Of Your Computer To Any Other Company Or Person Without Our Knowledge. In That Case Your Warranty Will Be Over With SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED.

Upholding The Client Confidentiality

SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Takes Reasonable Security Measures To Protect A Client’s Personal Information From Being Misused, Falling Prey To Unauthorized Access, Disclosure, Alteration, And Destruction. But Then Again Please Be Aware Despite The Organization’s Best Efforts, No Security Measures Would Be Considered To Be Full-Proof. As A Part Of The Same Privacy Policy, SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Ends Up Giving Clients An Opportunity To Opt Out Of Receiving Promotional Emails From SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED By Mailing Their Request At support@skybmtechnologies.com While At The Same Instance Also Using The Same Privacy Clause To Not Only Put A Stop To Any Promotional Marketing But Also Any Information Sharing Taking Place Between Third Parties. Again, Allowing Them To Do The Same By Sending An Email At support@skybmtechnologies.com.

Changes To The Privacy Clause

In Case Of Any Changes To Personal Information, SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Encourages Its Clients To Correct Or Update The Information In The Shortest Time Span Possible. SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED May Also End Up Changing This Policy From Time To Time. And In Case If Any Changes Are Made To The Policy, The Company Will Also End Up Changing The "Last Updated" Date As And When It Would Really Happen. Further, If There Are Any Material Changes To The Policy, SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Will End Up Notifying Its Clients Directly.

Questions About The Privacy Policy

In Case If You Have Any Unresolved Queries With Regards To SKYBM TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED ’S Privacy Policy, Please Get In Touch With The Company on support@skybmtechnologies.com..

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